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Youth Plan Skate Park in Wynberg

37274effe7bb48489c97adc32aa6a540With growing interest in skateboarding three youngsters from Wynberg are putting together a proposal for a skateboard park in the area.

They hope their proposal would be the start to get the youth to engage in more positive activities in the community.

Mohammed Hassan, Sameer Omer and Nazeer Ramjam have started a group called Joint Skate Collective. They are determined to see their dream become a reality and are putting all their free energy into making their plan a success.

“I have been skating for about ten years and over the years my love for the sport has grown immensely. I am glad that there are so many other young people who share my hobby,” Omer says.

With a Hospitality degree in his pocket Omer gave up the opportunity to further his career to focus on youth development in his community by teaching children about skateboarding.

“I want them to understand that it is not only about skating and tricks; it all forms part of being committed and being dedicated to what you do and love,” he says.

Hassan says they officially formed the group last year in an effort to show that they are serious about making a difference in their community.

“Our aim is to get as many children involved in the sport and commit to the group. Here they will have the opportunity to improve their skating skills but also develop their social skills as they get to enjoy skating with children from all parts of Wynberg,” he says.

Current spaceHassan says about 30 children are currently skating with the group. They usually practise in front of Wittebome High School.

“We picked this spot as it is really the only place where we can go to and where there is space to skate. However, it is a bit risky due to it being in a very busy road, which is why we are now proposing a new spot where it is safer and more central for everyone to meet,” he says.

Ramjam says they want to create a platform for the children to have fun, a space they can call their own where they can skate and socialise without being worried about being in the way of pedestrians or motorists.

“Our aim is to get children off the streets, especially those who do not really have anything to do after school or during the school holiday,” he says.

Ramjam adds that the proposal for the skate park also suggests that the park can be used for other activities to ensure that it is used to its full potential.

“We would like everyone in the community to join in and make use of their surroundings, not only skaters. The space should be used to get people together to socialise and to utilise what there is in the community and not let it go to waste,” he says.

Original Source: News24

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