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Victoria Hospital History

Excellent care, teamwork and a good work ethic are timeless and have been central to Victoria Hospital in every era. Victoria Hospital has cared for the community since 1889 when the Wynberg Community rallied to raised funds to build a Cottage Hospital with 14 beds. Victoria Hospital looked down on an open plain of Fynbos that lead to the sea, with not a building in sight. Over the years it has treated typhoid and bubonic plague, soldiers from the Boer War and World War II.

The community never tired and raised funds again and again to grow Victoria into a General Hospital in 1917 with extensions in 1931 and again in 1961, 1972 and 2013.

The Victoria story would not be possible without its founders, Dr. John Wright, his son Dr. Claude Wright (who lead Victoria for 30 years), Dr. Oswald James Curry, Dr. Lindsay Sandes and Dr. Cole amongst others.



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