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Fibre To the Home (FTTH)

Kenilworth residents initiate a move to speed up fibre connectivity. In an email entitled simply “Do You Want Faster Internet?” residents are asked to complete an online survey.

“If that sounds like something you want in the neighbourhood we’d encourage you to please complete this survey Link: ”

The letter explains that while fibre is faster than adsl, for it to be financially viable the company rolling it out needs a commitment from 60% of the residents in the area in which they anticipate laying these.

“Frogfoot Technologies offer an entry level fibre package which begins at 10 mbps (megabits/second) and is up to 250 times faster than the current copper based ADSL. Telkom is also rolling out fibre and acts as the installer, the ISP (internet service provider) and operates an open access network.  As an alternative, Frogfoot only installs the fibre but residents are able to select their preferred ISP from their portal. Frogfoot contracts with the likes of Mweb, ISP Africa, Cape Connect, Nexus-net, Webafrica, Snowball, Kibo Connect  and Vox to name but a few. Each ISP’s once off installation cost will vary and the applicable monthly fee can be viewed on the portal. ”

Residents may visit to view relative prices.  This initiative is one of similar such moves by residents in other area including Constantia.  (See )

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