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Neighbourhood Watch

Wynberg Neighbourhood Watch

neighbourhood-watchIf safety and security in Wynberg is close to your heart, please diarise Monday 1 December. That’s when the Wynberg Sector 1 Neighbourhood Watch will take its first formal steps towards becoming an official body.

Until recently, the neighbourhood watch (NW) has been the project of the WRRA’s very small community safety committee, but it soon became evident that it had to run as a completely separate organisation from the WRRA so that it could have the benefits of being formally registered.

As there was already an active Facebook group called ‘Wynberg – Sector 1 Community Neighbourhood Watch’, this has become the nucleus for forming the NW. (Sector 1 comprises Wynberg West, the area represented by the WRRA.)

Many people have already signed up for our envisaged patrols and street committees – thank you! – and will be contacted as soon as the NW has officially been established and registered.

What is the next step?
In order to formally constitute a Neighbourhood Watch Association for Sector a public meeting (an ‘Inaugural General Meeting’ or IGM) must be held, which is to occur:

  • Date Monday December 1
  • Venue SAPS Mess Hall at SAPS building in Church Street
  • Time 7 pm

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