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Kenilworth residents beautify street corner

Some Kenilworth residents have beautified a street corner in their neighbourhood with plants and flowers.

Marisia Ferreira got the ball rolling with six plants on the corner of Dingle Avenue and Rosmead Avenue last September. Now, six months later and with the support of fellow residents Dawn Jacobs, Barbara Kohl and Thabo Bopape, there is a fully fledged garden next to the pavement on the street corner. The residents call it the Rosmead Garden.

Ms Ferreira says she decided to spruce up the corner, planting mother-in-law’s tongue, ferns and spider plants, to stop people littering there.

Mr Bopape helped her with the layout and maintenance of the garden. And Ms Jacobs, who assists with the gardening in her complex, brought the building’s gardener with her to assist.

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