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History of Foresters Arms

Newlands Avenue

Always on the lookout for items of interest, we were delighted to discover the interesting article on Foresters Arms which is so much more than just about the pub. It really is an excellent article on the area as well.  If you have some historical photographs of the area we think that would be great to share them.  Email

The history of Foresters Arms began in 1852 – a long time ago!

A gentleman by the name of James Maynard owned a section of land called Papenboom , which was situated in what we currently know as Newlands. Mr Maynard was in dire financial straits and in order to repay his debts, he sectioned off his land into 200 lots and raffled them off at £25.10 sterling per lot. ‘The Cottage’ was one of the grand prizes, and this was the original building that would be recognized as the Foresters Arms of today.

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