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Water Polo WBHS

It is almost the time of year when WBHS will welcome polo teams from all over the country to the tournament.

This is always a hugely anticipated event and it is widely considered the premier u15 Water polo tournament in the country.
You can follow updates throughout the tournament on the facebook page:

You can also find the tournament fixtures at this link:

Players Goodie Bags
I have been asked by Jeanette Muller to appeal to you for any product which can be used in the player goodie bags.  These are given to every player in the tournament (roughly 260) and we are looking for product such as sunblock, eye drops, various eats, deodorant, or anything that may appeal to 15 year old boys.  If you have any contacts or you are able to supply something, please let me know.  The packing of the goodie bags and other tournament preparations will take place next Wednesday and Thursday. There will be an opportunity for you to assist if you have to time available.

Julian Vincent
House Head: McNaughton House

Wynberg Boys’ High School
Lovers Walk, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800
Tel:  021 797 4247  Fax:  021 761 0959

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