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The ultimate guide to spending a day in Kenilworth/Harfield

Kenilworth is such a cool suburb. And it’s seriously underrated – so much so that it doesn’t even have it’s own area on the City’s loadshedding map. For most, it’s the blimp somewhere near Rondebosch and Claremont, but for me, it’s home, writes Cape {town} Etc’s Robyn Simpson. And in this case, home is where the vibes are.

I’ve called Eskom’s ‘Area 5’ home for nearing on a decade, and where Kenilworth begins and ends is still a blur. So, for the sake of reliving high school geography woes, I’m going to rely on Google Maps to set the scene.

Kenilworth is like the keystone of the Mother City. It’s close enough to all of Cape Town’s hotspot areas but is unassuming enough for those unknowing to drive right past its many hidden gems. I can be in Kalk Bay in 20 minutes, town in 15, and Constantia in 10.

This Southern Suburbs jewel is much more than a practical pressure point for surrounding towns to lean on. It’s an epic location in its own right and the community is awesome. Kenilworth and its people are laid back with a dash of quirk – my favourite combination.

From the crack of dawn to sunset, there’s plenty to do. Part of the allure is that you can walk everywhere. If you’re visiting for the day, I’d recommend using Second Avenue as a base. It’s the beating heart of Kenilworth and is right in the middle of all the action.

Car parked, takkies on, and ready to rumble. Here’s how to spend the day between Kenilworth and Harfield. 

Note: Kenilworth and Harfield Village are difficult to separate (“splitting hairs” as one Facebook user accurately explained). So, we’ll be bouncing between the two here, but all are in walking distance from each other.

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