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Youth Plan Skate Park in Wynberg

37274effe7bb48489c97adc32aa6a540With growing interest in skateboarding three youngsters from Wynberg are putting together a proposal for a skateboard park in the area.

They hope their proposal would be the start to get the youth to engage in more positive activities in the community.

Mohammed Hassan, Sameer Omer and Nazeer Ramjam have started a group called Joint Skate Collective. They are determined to see their dream become a reality and are putting all their free energy into making their plan a success.

“I have been skating for about ten years and over the years my love for the sport has grown immensely. I am glad that there are so many other young people who share my hobby,” Omer says.

With a Hospitality degree in his pocket Omer gave up the opportunity to further his career to focus on youth development in his community by teaching children about skateboarding.Read More »Youth Plan Skate Park in Wynberg