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Maynardville Park Open Day

maynardville park open dayThe City Parks Department is hosting its first ever Open Day in the beautiful and tranquil Maynardville Park in the heart of Wynberg. The Open Day will take place on the 2nd December 2014 from 08:00am till 15:00pm.

The objective of this day is to get the people of Cape Town and Wynberg to come out and enjoy this gem with a legendary history. This will be a fun and jam packed day full of activities and games.

In making sure that the young and the old are catered for, the park has been divided into Zones, where the different activities will take place.

Highlights of the day:

  • Little Maynard’s Fun Walk– bring your toddlers, prams and all. Why not be creative and make a recycled hat for your little one? Prizes are up for grabs! Welcome & gun start by the Alderman Belinda Walker: Mayoral Member for Community Services. Though the focus of this mini walk is on the kids, everyone is welcome to join. 
  • A creative exhibition of Maynardville history, the ballet and Shakespeare. Artscape,  the hosts of the Shakespeare production have partnered with Maynardville Park to make this day spectacular. They will be bringing three of their seasoned actors to serenade the audience with the best of Shakespeare. They will also mingle and engage with the crowd for a better look and feel of what Shakespeare is all about. This will be curated by the Creative Manager at Artscape, Mr Mandla Mbothwe. 
  • The Eco Hunt! Maynardville Park has many plants, birds, fish, frogs and other species. Some of them come from around the world and have been planted here over the years. This makes it a park that represents world biodiversity and is particularly rich in environmental heritage. To enter the Eco-Hunt, toddlers, young and old to go around the park and look for species identification cards which will be placed in areas where the species are normally found. When you find a card, read the facts on it and tick it off next to the appropriate species on this sheet. Bring the completed fact sheet and claim your prize.
  • Storytelling, arts and crafts and painting of our concrete pipes! Kids, bring your teeny weeny hands and make your mark.
  • For our beloved citizens, the pensioners, make it your end of the year outing. We will have yoga for the elderly, they can hoola hoop, those living with blindness can listen and chat to the SA Guide Dog Association and hear what they can offer or just enjoy a lazy afternoon at the park. 
  • The young can come and listen to some good music. We also have a Dance Jam session for you.
  • Dog Lovers: We are launching our Red Poo bins and dispensers. Come and walk with your dogs (on a leash please). SPCA will be on hand to offer advice and give vaccinations, at a minimal cost of course, just R50.00 for a vaccination. Maynard dogs are green, help them live this slogan by keeping the park healthy, tidy and clean. They cannot do it on their own.
  • Food stalls, a craft stall, the Fire Department and many more.
  • We are also having our own unique Maynardville Park Photo Frame! Bring along a camera and take pictures of this memorable day.

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Tamarin or Nicole @ 021 444 8849.

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