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Extreme Sport Park Proposed for Wynberg Park

wynberg concertsThe proposed development of a skateboard and BMX park is currently in a design phase which will need buy-in from the community of Wynberg.

The development is set to be constructed at Wynberg Park. The design includes a climbing wall and a braai area.

Ward councillor Elizabeth Brunette is using ward allocation to fund the design of the project called ‘Design of activity area at Wynberg Park’.

“The construction of the development will take place right under the M3 bridge, a place which is not used much by people who visit the facility,” she says.

Brunette says the development will provide something to the community and public which was not there before.

“It will provide a service to young people and children who have interest in this sport who do not necessarily visit Wynberg Park. We want people to refrain from using public roads illegally when skateboarding or riding their BMX bikes,” she says.

She says the City will provide ramps which people can use in an area that is managed. A frequent visitor to the park, who asks not to be identified, says he welcomes this idea as it will eliminate the issue of vagrancy. “I think this is a positive project and something everyone on the community should support as it will bring people from all walks of life together,” he says.

He says the more activity there is at the park the less opportunity there is for crime.

“There are areas in the park which are virtually dead space. If those spots can be used by the public it will deter criminals from the area,” he says.

Brunette also serves on the skateboarding task team whose purpose it is to bring people together from the skating community who can advise on ways to make skateboarding safer in residential and public areas.

“We have people on the committee who can use their skills and knowledge to educate people about dangers of using public roads to skateboard, but also about the importance of how to use skateboarding facilities,” she says.

Brunette says she has seen many people and young children skating on open roads and “doing so illegally which is extremely dangerous”.

She is very excited about the project and says it is something she looks forward to engaging about with the community.

“We are looking to go the community for the funds for construction. We want people to have their say and also to take responsibility of the facility,” she says.

Brunette says she has been in discussion with the various roleplayers who are gearing up to help raise funds for the construction phase.

“Fortunately the City is coming up with a policy that determines how you go about raising funds and how someone donating to the City are entitled to tax deductions. The City’s processes are improving at the same time as we are looking at building this development,” she adds.

Brunette says the project will make a difference to people who live nearby as “it will be an extra activity for people in the community and will be open to anyone”.

Original Source: People’s Post

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